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Debunking popular myths about gardening Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies, and as an adult, I can say this with no qualms. During these past lockdowns, I’ve become obsessed with plants, and if you come into my house right now, you might think that poison Ivy has taken over the place because you will see plants literally everywhere. Gardening can be really therapeutic, but there is a lot of myth about gardening about there. So, I have tried most of these myths and have learnt the hard way that most of them are really just clickbait and I’ve done my research on these, and I’m here to debunk these. #Myth 1- You don’t need to water drought-tolerant plants Well, the logic behind this is halfway there, but it’s not true; even though drought-resistant plants like cacti don’t need to be watered regularly, that doesn’t mean that that you don’t…

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As a kid, I was really into Greek mythology because I read all of Rick Riordan’s books, and the Heroes of Olympus were my comfort reads as a young nerdy teen. Because of this, I have learned a lot about Greek mythology, as one does when they are obsessed by Ancient Greek history as a teen. And now, as an adult who has a lot of plants because the pandemic made me into a plant parent, I have an unnecessary tale and information about Greek history and how to take care of plants and a mixture of both. Let me tell you some of the most fascinating mythological stories behind flowers. 1. Hyacinth This is one of Greek mythology’s most beautiful and tragic queer stories and teaches us that we have to cherish what we have because love and human life aren’t eternal. The story starts with¬†Hyacinthus, who was one…

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If I asked you what you knew about hyacinth, you would have told me it is a purple flower, right? Did yup know the rich mythology behind this? I bet you don’t, so let me give you a brief history lesson. For this, we need to go way back, back to Ancient Greece. This is the story of Hyacinthus or Hyacinth, a beautiful spartan prince who had Literal Gods battling for his favors. Background Hyacinthus was one of the mortals in Greeks history who attracted the eyes of the Gods. He was said to be among one of the most beautiful mortals in all of Ancient Greece and was loved by both mortals and Gods alike. His lineage is highly debated, but most historians believe that his mother was the muse of history, Clio, and his father was king Oeblaus of Sparta. Hyacinth was described as the most beautiful mortal…

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