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Are you tired of watering your garden by hand but don’t know what to do? There is another alternative: the automatic sprinkler. This device has a very efficient watering system. Discover in this article the 7 most practical and most used automatic sprinklers. 7 – The Automatic Sprinkler With Rotating Jet This device is one of the most used and least expensive. As its name suggests, it works with a rotating system. It can cover all surfaces, whether they are large or small. However, this coverage is limited to 150 m. The advantage of the automatic rotating sprinkler is that it is easy to install. You have to connect it to the programmer and the water supply. 6 – Localized Watering or Drip Irrigation There is nothing more efficient in terms of precision than drip irrigation. This is also known as localized watering. It is equipped with a powerful watering…

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