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January- the month of new beginnings. You will have twelve months of gardening ahead, and you will want to use it well. As January is mostly winter, it is a calm season for gardeners. All you will have to do in January is make sure everything is trimmed and neat. You want your garden ready for the next season. Let us discover what you can do in your garden in January… What To Sow  In Greenhouses Or Indoors Snapdragons Pelargonium Celery Spinach Spring Onions Under Cloches Strawberry Outdoors Blueberries Raspberry canes You can research these plants to know when to plant them and what special needs to provide for them to flourish. What To Be Done In Your Gardening It is a new year, and you are very determined, put that determination to good use by washing your unused pots and cleaning the greenhouse. This is the less attractive part…

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