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Climbing roses

Growing and Caring for Climbing Roses (Part 1)   Climbing roses have long, flexible branches, which allow them to be trained on support. Climbing roses are so called because of the length of their branches, which can reach and exceed 10 m. The name is misleading, as ‘climbing’ roses do not climb by themselves, unlike a Virginia creeper or clematis. The gardener must permanently attach the branches to support as they grow to gradually cover a vertical space, wall trellis, pergola, etc. The vigour of climbing roses is not the same for all varieties. Thus, while the smallest climbers do not exceed 2 m in height, the largest can produce branches of about 4 to 5 m. Rambler roses are exceptional climbers. With very long, thin, flexible and thorny branches, they “climb” and cling to their support, particularly in the branches of trees. Planting climbing roses Where to plant it? The rose…

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protect your garden

8 Ways to Protect Your Garden in Winter Garden stores offer expensive and sometimes polluting solutions to protect your garden from the cold weather: mulch, fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides or fungicides… Maintaining your little haven of peace can become a real money pit! This post gives you 8 economical solutions to protect your garden in winter. 1. Weed by hand When faced with the chore of weeding, don’t give in to the temptation of chemical sprays. Not only does it pollute the soil and water, but it can also attack your lawn and even your ornamental plants! To weed by hand: – Pull up young plants as soon as they appear to prevent them from proliferating later. – You can also get some coarse salt and vinegar from your kitchen cupboard, a healthy and economical alternative to weeds! Good to know: scarification consists of removing moss and dead leaves from a…

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