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There’s no denying that many things have changed in the last few years, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. The same applies to gardening. This year, after some digging, we bring you some new gardening ideas that have been unearthed especially for you. Balcony Gardens Will Be Big “Balcony gardening offers the promise of fresh produce and a fragrant oasis in the sky.” Who said you need a huge space or a private garden to embrace nature? If you are a city dweller who is a fanatic of green spaces but don’t have a big backyard, dismiss that minor obstacle of space and instead create your own beautiful green haven with your balcony (or back patio). It doesn’t matter if your balcony is too big or too small, but trust me, with a few railing baskets, some pots and flowers and herbs cascading over railings, you will feel as you are…

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